How to damage a lithium battery?

How to damage a lithium battery?

The latest LiFePO4 batteries are certified for 10 years or 5,000 cycles, and some manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty.

LTO batteries are more durable, with up to 30,000 cycles (80% capacity retention) and a lifespan of up to 25 years.

Additionally, they both include a BMS (Battery Management System) that regulates charge/discharge steps and balances and protects the battery cells by monitoring temperature and voltage.

The BMS can cut off each battery cell when it detects a value above a fixed limit.

Although BMS provides durability and protection, there are several factors that can damage your lithium battery:

External environmental factors:
💥 Heat: Temperatures above 140°F
💥Cold: For LiFePO4 batteries below -4°F
💥Water/Air Humidity
💥Physical Damage (Shock)

Internal factors:
💥12V battery is overcharged above 16.5V
💥12V battery under 10V over discharge
💥 Manufacturing defects
💥 Inferior components
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