Is My Lithium Battery Damaged? (Warning Signals Explained)

Is My Lithium Battery Damaged? (Warning Signals Explained)

Is my lithium battery damaged? As battery technology becomes more and more popular, this problem also arises more and more frequently.

In fact, the price of lithium battery technology is falling, while the durability is increasing. Additionally, the association between lithium batteries and battery management systems (BMS) means they are safer and more reliable than ever.

However, battery failure can and does happen.

If your battery isn't performing as well as it did when you first bought it, you may be wondering - is my lithium battery damaged?

There are 5 warning signs that your lithium battery is damaged:

💥 Capacity reduced
💥Low voltage
💥High self-discharge rate
💥 Battery overheating
💥 The battery is swollen
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